121-2590 MAX Flat Plug - 24 Inch Long Adaptor Plug
15 Amp, 14 AWG, 90 Degree Angle Adapter Plug, 24" Inches, BlackHeavy Duty DesignWill not interfere with the backs of furniture or wall mounted displays 24 in. length..
Options Available: 1
29-7800 5V 1A USB AC Adapter
AC adapter with standard female USB-A socket5VDC 1A outputInput plug folds flat for travelInput voltage: 100~240VACCompatible with virtually all Smartphones and iPhones that need no more than 1A curre..
Options Available: 1
ADP-1520B 15A-20A Adapter Cord
The ADP-1520B Power Adapter Cord is a 12" long adapter cable that features a 20 amp female socket at one end and a 15 amp male plug with an internal breaker at the other. This will allow 20 amp produc..
Options Available: 1
Rack mounting Ears (standard 19” racks)
Panamax GRM2204Rack mounting kit (standard 19” racks) for the MR5100, M5100-PM, M5300-PM, M5400-PM, M7500-PRO...
Options Available: 1
XDB9-TB-H1 Easy Adapters DB-9 Enclosure
This plastic shell is designed to enclose any of the Easy Adapters DB9 breakout boards ( FDB9-TB5+, FDB9-TB10+, MDB9-TB5+, MDB9-TB10+ ). Enclosing the breakout board provides additional protection for..
Options Available: 1
Flat Power Strip Liberator® Cables
Are big, bulky power adapters creating unsightly gaps between your walls and furniture? The Flat Plug Power Strip Liberator ® extension cords lets you move your power adapters off the wall and down on..
Options Available: 4
CIS400500 Power Strip Liberator® Plus II
Get full use of your power strip outlets... and double the number of available outlets, too, with a Power Strip Liberator Plus II cable! Just plug a bulky AC adapter into a Power Strip ..
Options Available: 1
CIS400510 Power Strip Liberator® Cable 14"
Get the full use of your power strips and UPS outlets with our high-quality Power Strip Liberator cables. Just plug those big bulky power adapters into our extension cables and plug the cables into th..
Options Available: 1
CIS400512 Y-Splitter Power Extension Cable
Connect two AC adapters to one multi outlet extension cord with the Y-Splitter Liberator®. Double the outlets provided by a power strip by using multiple Y-Splitter Liberator cords. Heavy-duty molded ..
Options Available: 1
AC Plug-In Adapter
120VAC 15A 1875W 3-Wire NEMA 5-15 Grounded outlet..
Options Available: 1
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